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Menu for Restaurant Loy in Gröbming

We look forward to giving you a memorable dining experience! Our culinary selection ranges from regional specialties to international dishes.  



In our menu, you will find various dishes featuring products from surrounding farms, wild game from local forests, specialties from our very own hunting grounds, and fish caught in local lakes and rivers. And of course, we don't neglect vegetarians either.



Soup of Boiled Prime Beef
with semolina dumpling or pancake stripes

€   4.40

Soup of Boiled Prime Beef
with liver dumpling or cheese dumpling

€   4.80

Parsnip Cream Soup

with truffle oil and cress

€   6.50



Mixed Salad

€  5.80

Carpaccio of deer

with arugula, parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette

€ 12.90

Smoked char filet

with beetroot carpaccio and horseradish foam

€ 11.90




Baked spinach-sheep's cheese dumplings   
on seasonal leaf salads

€   13.90

Pasta from smoked trout  
with vegetable julienne and parmesan

€   14.90


Potato-Chanterelle "Pfandl"
with fresh arugula

€ 14.50

Salad styrian style
baked chicken breast coated in pumpkin seed 

on potato-lamb's lettuce salad

€ 16.80

Mixed Grill
with french fries & vegetables, BBQ sauce

and herb butter 

€ 19.80

For kids

Spaghetti Bolognese
with Grana Padano cheese

€  8.50

Children Viennese escalope of chicken
with french fries

€  9.80

From local organic beef and veal

Rump Steak Dry Aged 300g
with homemade potato wedges and dips

€ 34.00

Viennese escalope of veal

fried in butter with parsley potatoes and cranberries

€ 25.00

Fish from Grundlsee

Reinanke "Müllerin"

fried in garlic butter with parsley potatoes

€ 19.00

Grilled fillet of char 

with beetroot risotto, lemon butter and horseradish foam

€ 23.00

From own hunt

Ragout of deer 

with brioche dumpling and apple red cabbage

€ 19.00

Burger of deer and venison 

with red cabbage, onions, arugula, cheese, potato wedges and dips

€ 18.00


Homemade chocolate brownie

with vanilla-orange parfait, marinated berries and spicy foam

€  7.90

White gingerbread-poppy mousse

with vanilla tangarines and chocolate crumbles

€  7.90

As further desserts we can recommend our ice cream card and ask about our cakes!


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Hotel Loy | 8962 Gröbming, Loyplatz 98 | +43 3685 22357 |


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