Zipline Stoderzinken

Zipline on the Stoderzinken

A unique aerial experience from the mountain down to the valley!

The zipline on the Stoderzinken is the biggest of its kind in the Alps.

On four steel cables strung in parallel side by side, you will whiz over the tree tops and down to the valley. Fun, adventure and pure spine-tingling excitement!

First of all, a shuttle bus will bring you to the "launch area" at 1600 m above sea level. There, you will be given a few safety tips and, before you know it, your aerial adventure will be about to begin. Your safety harness will be hooked onto the cable, then you will hurtle a total distance of 2500 meters, dropping 600 vertical meters in the process, until you finally reach the zipline base station at Gröbming Adventure Park. Before you know it, you will be reaching maximum speeds of up to 115 km/h! Guaranteed to get your heart pounding, that's for sure!


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Hotel Loy | 8962 Gröbming, Loyplatz 98 | +43 3685 22357 |


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